Wedding Photography

Adding a drone to your wedding photography or videography can offer the opportunity to capture your special day in a unique and eyecatching way.

A unique perspective on your special day.

There are a variety of shots a drone can provide that a traditional ground-based camera can’t match. From a dramatic birds-eye view of your venue to the bride’s arrival to capturing all of your guests enjoying drinks on the lawn. With smaller drones, we can even film inside your venue and capture unique footage that will make your wedding video stand out from the crowd.

Video shot with the drone can be combined with footage from a static camera, or be used as the sole source of video to create a cinematic record of your day.

Use of drones at any venue will be at the discretion of the landowner, but Swoop Media can liaise with them and survey the site prior to the event to make sure that, come the big day, all risks have been assessed and we are familiar with where to place the drone to get the best possible footage.

We are aware that drones do make noise, and there is a time and a place for their use. Certain parts of your magical day are best enjoyed with the drone silent and in its carry case.

We offer different levels of service to suit a range of Wedding budgets, so get in touch to discuss the perfect package for you.