Roof Inspections

For most of us, our house is the largest investment we make during our lifetime, and the condition of the roof is absolutely vital to protecting that investment.

Traditional methods of inspecting a roof, such as scaffolding, elevated platforms or access via ladders, can be expensive, time-consuming and even dangerous. A drone can access these hard to reach places, quickly, safely and often more cheaply.

A short flight using a drone equipped with a high-resolution camera can produce images detailed enough to assess the state of all the key areas for concern, including:

  • Cracked/Missing tiles
  • Valleys and gullies
  • Chimney stacks
  • Guttering and drainage systems
  • Flashing, render and mortar
  • Windows & Skylights
  • Aerials & exterior cabling

Subject to a site survey and risk assessment, we can fly a drone into those hard to access areas and deliver images for you to peruse at your leisure.

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