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Aerial Photography & Video

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Roof inspections

The ability to take ultra-high-resolution video & stills from as high as 400ft ensures our drones are always able to deliver something unique and attention-grabbing. A glorious, panoramic, aerial landscape can grab a lot of attention on social media and help promote your business.

An eye-catching perspective

If you’re selling a house and looking to add that “wow” factor to a listing, our drones can manoeuvre a camera into the perfect position to show a building at its best. We are also able to colour correct and edit both stills and video to give the finished product some extra polish.
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For a wedding or special event, we’re able to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments from a different perspective and our service can take your photo album or video to another level.
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If you’re concerned about your roof or chimney, or any other hard-to-reach area of any structure, our drones can inspect them quickly and safely. Taking ultra-high-resolution photos or video of the area in question can be done safely in a matter of minutes without the need for scaffolding.
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Video Production Services

In addition to shooting video with drones, we can also shoot with traditional, ground-based video cameras. We can combine both aerial and ground footage to create an eyecatching promotional video for your website, or social media content that really helps your posts stand out.

Studies show that around 55% of people view video content online every day, and social media content using video is shown to generate up to 1,200% more shares and likes than static content.

We can animate your logo and use motion graphics to add titles to your video content, all of which will help deliver stunning results.

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